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Gemstone Certification

A gemstone certificate is issued following an unbiased and professional examination to authenticate a gemstone's attributes. The carat weight, colour and clarity are all validated, together with the gemstone's exact measurements. Certificates are essential in determining or testifying a gemstone's value. Gemstones sold through NexusGems.Com have been graded by GIA, IGI (International or USA). It is generally accepted by loose gemstones industry professionals that the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) sets the standard when it comes to gemstone's grading. At least three-quarters of the 1000 gemstones listed on NexusGems.com have been graded by the IGI.

BEWARE: Always buy a certificated Loose Gemstones - Unless you are purchasing smaller gemstones with fewer carats. To be certain of the gemstone quality insist on a certificate - If your gemstone is not certified by internationally recognised certificates listed above, chances are the attributes stated is misleading and that you are purchasing something of lesser quality than indicated. Unfortunately some retail shops and online stores self-certify, for the sole purpose of increasing their margin on the product sold.

Certificate Comparisons:

The most renowned and trusted gemmological grading laboratories are as follows

Gemmological Institute of America (GIA)

International Gemmological Institute (IGI)

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